Category: Self-Harm Clean Up


Suicide is an earthquake. Sudden, jolting and catastrophic, it ruptures the lives of those it leaves behind. The aftershocks ripple into successive generations. We spend years navigating our emotional landscapes, immensely realigned by chasms of guilt, confusion and regret. Unfortunately, our society does a good job of saddling suicide with stigma. ... Read More


When a loved one passes away, coping with their death can be difficult for relatives and friends alike. Often what isn’t thought about is what happens next – having to remove blood, bodily fluids and odour can be an arduous task, which cannot normally be performed by standard household or ... Read More


Any Self-Harm or Suicide is a tragic event and is often sudden and unexpected. The police and paramedics handle the immediate issues involving a suicide. When they leave, family and friends may be left with an immediate clean up situation in the home. Blood and bodily fluids may be left in ... Read More