How to Recover After a House Fire

How to Recover After a House Fire

House fires can occur at virtually any time for a variety of reasons and when they do, they cause a substantial amount of destruction across Victoria and Melbourne that could leave a home devastated and dangerous to inhabit. Very few homeowners are prepared for a disaster of this magnitude and the losses from a fire may include valuable possessions or even the lives of loved ones. It is important for homeowners to know what to do next after a fire to work through this disaster and reclaim their lives. The following is a guide to help homeowners recover from the initial effects of a fire and get their lives back on track.

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While house fires can be caused from a number of different sources, the damage they cause can be catastrophic

The first priority after a house fire is extinguished is to make sure the property is safe or secure. Do not enter your house until the fire department gives you permission because fires may reignite or compromise the structural elements of a home, creating a very dangerous situation. You should make two calls as soon as possible after a fire; one to your nearest family members to let them know what happened and one to your insurance company. The insurance company will help you take the next step of the recovery process by minimising the damage, creating a list of personal belongings that were damaged or lost, keeping your home secure from further damage, and finding a temporary housing solution. They will also get a complete assessment of the total damage to your home from a home inspector.


If you have lost any important documents in the fire such as a driver’s license or passport, make sure to replace them immediately. Once the fire department allows you back into the home, take plenty of photographs of the damage and give them to the insurance company to help them assess the damages.


It takes an experienced and certified crew to restore the furnishings and working systems of a home as well as eliminate the smell that is left behind by the smoke. An experienced team of fire damage restoration experts can help you rebuild your home and restore much of the damage caused by fire, smoke and soot.


The effects of a house fire can be very overwhelming but by reaching out to your insurance company and finding a reliable crew of fire damage restoration experts such as Melbourne Forensic Cleaning, you can recover your home and get your life back on track.

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