Meth Residue Testing Melbourne

Thousands on homes across Melbourne and greater Victoria are affected by meth residue as a result of smoking or cooking methamphetamine. Meth residue testing is a must prior to buying or leasing a property.

Meth Residue Testing & Inspections Melbourne: Laboratory Testing & Analysis of Meth Contamination:

Providing superior and prompt meth testing services throughout Melbourne and greater Victoria. We offer a detailed laboratory meth residue testing and inspections service with numerous testing options available. Our highly skilled & experienced meth residue testing technicians are highly knowledgable in all aspects of testing and decontaminating a meth contaminated property. Harnessing years of experience, Melbourne Forensic Cleaning along side Meth Testing Solutions are specialists’ in providing our clients with a superior service.
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Options available for meth residue testing:

Meth Residue Testing establishes a benchmark for preventing drug use and protecting both your assets and personal liability as a property owner and tenant. By ascertaining the safety of a property before purchasing or leasing, meth residue testing functions as a deterrent for meth use and allows for a fully documented history of your property to protect the value of your asset. Meth residue testing services include DIY Meth Residue Test Kits, initial Laboratory Composite Meth Residue Testing, Discrete Forensic Meth Residue Testing and Post Decontamination Clearance Meth Residue Testing.

Information for landlords and estate agents about meth contamination:

Real estate agents need to be aware to the prevalence of meth residue contamination in properties up for sale or rent. In the 2015-16 period alone, over 144 clandestine meth labs were discovered and seized by Victorian police. Alarmingly, this is well over the national average. However, studies indicate only 10% of all meth labs are being found. Additionally, meth residue contaminated properties are just as likely, if not more likely, to be caused by occasional and habitual meth use. These figures indicate just how alarming and prevalent meth residue contamination is in Melbourne and Victoria. Hence, testing your property for meth residue contamination in Melbourne before purchasing, leasing or renting, is a fundamental must.

Pre-purchase meth inspections:

Without your knowledge, a property you are considering purchasing or renting could have been a meth lab in the past or its previous residents may have been users, contaminating the property. This would harm the safety and well being of the current or future residents or owners. Professional Meth Residue Testing Services delivers cost effective meth testing services with high accuracy lab testing and fast turnaround of the results.

Meth residue decontamination & cleaning:

Each Meth Lab Clean Up in Melbourne or Victoria has its own unique set of difficulties. Normal cleaning with household cleaners will not remove meth residue and the chemicals from your property. Meth lab decontamination can involve a number of stringent and important steps followed by trained meth lab decontamination technicians to ensure the property is left in a non-hazardous, occupiable state.

Costs involved with testing for methamphetamine residue:

  • Meth Testing Kits: DIY


    10 Meth Residue Testing Kits – Instant Results

    Surface DIY meth testing kits are a cheap and easy way to test for meth residue. These testing kits will show a positive reading when meth residue exceeds 0.5ug (legal limit for meth contamination in Australia)
  • Composite Meth Testing


    Test up to 10 different areas in a single sample

    Composite meth testing allows multiple areas to be swabbed and combined to create an average contamination level of all swabs. If residue is found, all swabs can be analysed separately at the laboratory without the need for a further inspection
  • Discrete Meth Testing

    From $990

    10 individual swabs are analysed at the laboratory – $99 each swab thereafter

    Discrete meth residue testing is the only method to identify meth contamination levels on different surfaces ie. walls & ceilings in different rooms. This method of sampling is critical to determine the best method of decontamination/cleaning.

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning specialises in all aspects of Meth Residue Cleanups & Decontamination. Providing a swift and efficient meth residue testing and meth lab remediation service including clearance certificates.

Forensic Cleaning and Bio-Remediation trained and skilled technicians provide a comprehensive Forensic Cleaning and Biohazard Remediation service to all Victorian regions

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning employs fully qualified and trained Death and Suicide Clean Up technicians who possess the skills and industry-specific knowledge to successfully remediate any property affected

Offering a comprehensive remediation service when a loved one passes from the forensic cleanup of blood and body fluid, a full property sanitisation, rubbish removal, contents restoration and itemisation, full internal clean and complete odour removal

Trained and professional gross filth remediation experts are trained and equipped to deal with any Squaller Clean Up or Compulsive Hoarding situation

By following stringent procedures, our team of mould removal experts can ensure the safety of our non-toxic, non-allergenic products and provide ongoing protection to help prevent re-infection of the affected areas

Our expert sewage remediation and restoration technician teams are equipped with the most advanced drain and sewage cleaning equipment and will respond to your call immediately.

Our qualified technicians have the expertise to handle any situation and are able to decontaminate the property to remove all remnants blood and fluids as well as ensure the foul smell is eliminated

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning has a team of trained bio-recovery sharps and needle clearance technicians who utilise proven safe work methods to ensure the sharps are disposed of in a safe manner.

Trained biohazard remediation technicians have successfully cleaned vehicles following suicides, crime and accidents.