Motor Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning remediates Motor Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning involving vehicle break-ins, removal of sharps, in addition to blood and biohazards in Victoria regions including Melbourne, Geelong, Warnambool, Shepparton, Warragul and Sale.

Motor Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning | Melbourne Forensic Cleaning

Motor Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning involving suicides or accidents with injuries, damage to the interior can be more widespread where the remediation costs can end up being higher than the value of the vehicle. However, particularly in cases involving specialty fleet or rental cars, semi-trailer trucks or high-value luxury cars, the client may still find it cost-effective to salvage the vehicle by having it professionally remediated. There are a multitude of situations where a vehicle may require biohazard cleaning. From simply leaving a window or door open allowing rodents in, to a more traumatic trip to the hospital with an injured patient; often a simple clean of the car surfaces won’t remove the potential for ongoing bacterial contamination.

Decontamination and Biohazard Remediation of Cars, Trucks, Busses, Motorhomes and Boats in Melbourne and Victorian regions including Geelong, Torquay, Sale and Wodonga

Motor Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning involves a thorough, multi-step program to ensure the surfaces are free of bio and safe to use. Any materials affected by biohazards that can’t be cleaned and sanitised are removed and disposed. Most vehicles typically feature porous cloth or leather-covered surfaces such as seat cushions or floor mats, which commonly cannot be cleaned and must be removed and disposed of before the sanitation and disinfecting process can begin. The vehicle’s interior and contaminated exterior surfaces should be manually wiped down with a specialised disinfecting and sanitising agent that removes any remaining visible signs of the biohazard material, such as blood.

Exterior surfaces such as handles should also be treated and wiped down and every nook and cranny has to be cleaned of all surface dirt and material in order to facilitate proper sanitisation and avoid future odour or damage. Finally, spray a disinfecting solution over every affected area to ensure all blood borne pathogens are destroyed. Motor Vehicle Biohazard Cleanup requires trained and skilled technicians who not only decontaminate blood and bodily fluids, but also the removal of sharps, in addition to biohazards. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning trained biohazard remediation technicians have successfully cleaned vehicles following suicides, crime and accidents.

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Cars are small, often hot, spaces – prime for contamination and continued growth of bacterial, causing not only foul odours but also potential for longer term heath risks. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning will work with you, or your insurer to remove any damage caused in your vehicle by providing full clearance and removal of affected area. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning biohazard technicians provides Vehicle Decontamination clearance services in cars, busses, trucks, boats and motorhomes and are available across Victoria and include not only Melbourne but also Geelong, Torquay, Warrnambool, Ballarat, Shepparton, Wodonga, Warragul, Traralgon, Sale & Bendigo.

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