The Danger of Hoarding and Gross Filth in Melbourne Properties

The Danger of Hoarding and Gross Filth in Melbourne Properties

For someone with hoarding disorder, the mere thought of throwing an item away can cause extreme anxiety and feelings of helplessness. Things that most of us would consider to be trash such as old magazines and newspapers or broken electronics, those with hoarding disorder consider to hold monetary or sentimental value. While every Gross Filth and Squaller Clean Up situation is different, each requires heavy duty cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning are the Gross filth cleaning experts, and have the ability to restore homes, apartments and commercial properties to a safe, clean and habitable condition – utilising safe handling and disposal procedures at all times.

What are common signs of Hoarding Disorder?

Hoarding turns homes into dumps often littered with rotten, mouldy and rodent infested waste.

Hoarding turns homes into dumps often littered with rotten, mouldy and rodent infested waste.

  • Difficulty categorising or organising possessions.
  • Suspicion of other people touching their items.
  • Indecision about where to keep things or which items to keep.
  • Loss of living space, financial difficulties, social isolation, and family discord.

What Causes Hoarding Disorder?

While the exact causes of hoarding disorder are still unknown, and the disorder affects people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, doctors consider the following to be common risk factors:

Family and medical history. Someone who has a family member with hoarding disorder is more likely to develop hoarding disorder. Many people with hoarding disorder also have a history of depression, anxiety disorders, or alcoholism.

Stressful life events. Some people develop hoarding disorder after a stressful life event. Examples include the death of a loved one, divorce, or losing possessions in a fire.

Social isolation. Although some people become socially isolated as a result of hoarding disorder, others develop hoarding disorder as a coping mechanism for their loneliness.

Is there help for hoarding disorder?

Helping a sufferer is more complex than just walking into their house, hiring a skip and throwing out all the items they have hoarded. The hoarder most likely would experience negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety and/or anger. Even if the person would permit you to clear out their belongings, the root causes have not been addressed and you would find that the behaviour resumes immediately and the house, garden or garage are soon filled with more items.

Sufferers need to be encouraged to seek professional help and a good starting point is their general practitioner who can arrange referrals to appropriate professionals such as a psychologist experienced in treatment for the condition.

Australians are able to receive psychological treatment subsidised by Medicare if they are assessed by their doctor as eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan. Australians can receive ten subsidised individual psychology sessions per calendar year, as well as 10 group sessions.

What is the Worst Case Scenario in terms of Hoarding

Hoarding disorder comes with a long list of risks: fire and safety hazards, unsanitary living situations, possible eviction and homelessness, among others. One risk that is rarely thought about, however, is the risk of unattended death.

Cleaning up a hoarding site where there has been an unattended death

The airborne bacteria that a body releases after death can be extremely hazardous and can negatively affect the safety and well being of future occupants if the home is not properly restored. This, paired with the mounds of hoarding materials left at a scene, is often too overwhelming and unsafe for families to clean up on their own.

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning is the Victorian industry leader in biohazard cleanup and hoarder and gross filth cleans. We work discreetly with families and friends of those who are unable to take care of their property due to physical or mental limitations. Whether you need hoarder cleanup for a friend, a loved one, or yourself Melbourne Forensic Cleaning is there for you every step of the way.

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