Tips for Melbourne Property Managers to Deal with Meth Lab Properties

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that can be ‘cooked’ in makeshift laboratories that can be set up with alarming ease utilising common household items. Meth is relatively inexpensive and easy to make, so it is a common activity for those looking to make some fast money. Meth labs have been discovered in just about every city and town across Australia including Melbourne, Geelong, Torquay, Sale and Shepparton. If you think your city is an exception, you are probably wrong. As a property manager or landlord, you need to become educated on the impact of meth labs in rental properties.

Dealing with a Meth Lab Decontamination in Melbourne Rental Properties | What You Need to Know

Be on the Lookout for any Signs of a Meth Lab

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning Meth Lab Decontamination

Offering a comprehensive service to Melbourne and Victorian residents to assist with the clean up, decontamination and remediation of a property contaminated by a clandestine meth lab

Curtains closed, odd odours or visitors at all hours of the night doesn’t scream meth house on their own. Collectively, these factors combined with secretive and hostile behaviours should raise suspicion. If neighbours complain about chemical smells, check rubbish bins on the property. If you find empty containers of over-the-counter medications, used fuel canisters and respiratory masks, contact your local police.

Assess Your Responsibility as a Property Manager

Never confront a suspected meth operation. Notify the police, and let them handle the situation. If individuals are manufacturing meth inside your Melbourne rental property, they pose a very real threat to you and the neighbours. Once police address the illegal activity, they gather up evidence as required by law. However, they don’t restore the premises. You’re left with an house or unit contaminated with dangerous fumes and chemicals. It’s your responsibility to secure the property and ensure it is decontaminated and remediated to a safe and liveable standard.

Understand the Process

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that’s easily manufactured with over-the-counter medications and ordinary chemical compounds. The cooking process involves basic lab equipment, and it produces deadly vapours. These airborne chemicals permeate walls, floors, ceilings, air-conditioning systems and furniture. Meth production results in a fine dust that settles into carpets, drapes and personal belongings. Spilled chemicals add another layer of contamination to both interior and exterior environments.

Recognise the Dangers Associated with a Methamphetamine-Contained Property

Methamphetamine Decontamination is a dangerous type of hazardous material cleanup that requires industry certification and highly experienced meth lab remediation experts. The technicians who tackle this kind of work are highly trained in handling volatile, explosive and caustic chemicals.

In addition to chemical contamination, a meth lab is often overrun with insect and rodent infestations. It’s very common to find interiors covered with filth and littered with trash, broken glass and used sharps and needles. Technicians involved in the remediation process must wear heavy-duty protective gear including full-face masks and respirators.

Call in Certified Professionals Melbourne Forensic Cleaning for your Meth Lab Decontamination

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning is the industry leader in all Meth Lab Decontaminations and Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation in Melbourne and Victoria regions including Torquay, Warrnambool, Traralgon and Shepparton.

Specialising in all aspects of Meth Lab Decontamination we provide a swift and efficient meth lab testing and meth lab remediation service including clearance certificate. The appropriate remediation and decontamination of a property used as a meth lab is impossible without the correct training and qualifications to ensure a successful remediation. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning provides a complete meth lab decontamination service across Melbourne and Victoria. Our trained and qualified Meth Lab Remediation technicians will conduct pre-forensic testing which can significantly reduce costs associated in the remediation process by singling out contaminated areas only and the automatic discarding of any furnishings or materials too contaminated to be cleaned. Technicians follow a methodical, proven process to ensure the property is remediated to a chemical free zone.

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