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Deceased Estate Clean Ups and Forensic Cleaning are completed with a prompt and compassionate service in Melbourne and Victoria regions including Warnambool, Shepparton, Traralgon and Bendigo.

Deceased Estate Cleanups | Melbourne Forensic Cleaning

Providing compassionate and prompt deceased estate cleanups in Melbourne and Victoria, Melbourne Forensic Cleaning is on-call 24/7 to assist families in such trying times. Our trained Deceased Estate Clean Up experts possess extensive industry knowledge and on-the-job experience to successfully and efficiently complete a Deceased Estate Clean including rubbish removal, charity pick-ups, decontamination and sanitisation of the property to a safe and hazard free zone for the family and loved ones.

Providing Melbourne and Victoria a caring and helpful Deceased Estate Cleaning service.

Although the initial grief associated with the death of a family member or loved one can be a difficult and trying situation to deal with, the though of cleaning out their home and contents can be too much for most to bear. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning provides a compassionate and understanding Deceased Estate Clean Up service across Melbourne and Victoria to assist families and loved ones in these trying times. Our trained and experienced forensic cleaning and HAZMAT technicians have the skills to successfully manage your deceased estate clean-ups from packing up valuables the family wishes to keep, coordinating charity collection for furniture and other household items, clearing out, cleaning and sanitising the property.

Deceased Estate executors and beneficiaries benefit from our experience and personal service. Deceased Estate Cleaning is not just another clean up for Melbourne Forensic Cleaning technicians. We appreciate that this type of service requires a holistically sympathetic and tactful execution, from beginning to end. With family members and executors often physically located away from the deceased estate, coordinating the settling and cleaning of an estate often involves travelling great distances for extended periods of time. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning eliminates part of this stress from your life by providing an all-encompassing deceased estate clean up service, allowing the loved ones to carry on with the important issues in these difficult times.

Deceased estate cleaning service in Melbourne

Deceased Estate Cleanup and House Clear Outs in Melbourne, Geelong, Torquay, Warnambool and across Victoria.

At Melbourne Forensic Cleaning we not only offer a full deceased estate cleaning service but we are also HAZMAT & IICRC accredited in dealing with hazardous materials both chemical and biological. We conduct forensic cleaning services in conjunction with most of our deceased estate clean outs as a result of an unattended death in the family. At Melbourne Forensic Cleaning we offer the full package when a loved one passes from the forensic cleanup of blood and body fluid, a full property sanitisation, rubbish removal, contents restoration and itemisation, full internal clean and complete odour removal. After we’ve finished you’ll never know there had been a death in the property. Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaners can help providing effective, emergency response services.
Unlike other deceased estate cleanup companies we are fully trained and insured to provide Biohazard cleaning services and can successfully remove odour after a death. Call the Melbourne Deceased Estate Cleanup Experts at Melbourne Forensic Cleaning to discuss your cleaning needs on 1300 BIO HAZ (246 429).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you find financially valuable items during the clean-up?

It is frequent that we find items that were unknown to family members, even after the family has already removed most of financial and emotionally valuable items. These items sometimes include antiques, jewel, and cash. It is a facet of our job that we take with integrity: all items retrieved belong to the estate and to the family of the deceased. You can trust that our team will work with you through the whole process with compassion, and always return the items to the family.

How much does it cost for deceased estate house clearances?

Each deceased estate cleaning work vary a lot depending on the size of the property such as number of rooms, location, the quantity of rubbish present, etc. Due to this we tailor our pricing to each job, considering all factors. A good rule of thumb is up to 0.5 to 1% of the property value. With this, you get the peace of mind knowing the situation will be handled by professionals and heavy objects moved by our friendly staff without having you to do anything else. If you are interested in a quote, you get it for free by calling us or sending us a message.

Can you clear up everything?

Yes we can! Our staff is trained and experienced in handling clearances in homes and businesses alike. We can load up any non-fixed item, no matter the size or weight, leaving you with the peace of mind that the rest will be taken care by professionals.

Can you clear up houses filled with decades of possessions?

If are worried that the house of the deceased is too cluttered, there are is no need to be concerned. Our team is experienced in handling all sorts of situations and have been cleaning out hoarder homes filled with gross filth and biohazards for years. We understand that this work requires a thorough approach and requires to work sensitively with the family involved. Our team will work with you through every stage of the process.

What happens if I do not want to keep some valuables?

We will happily buy your unwanted valuables to offset the invoice amount. Any useable items will be donated to charity

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