Gross Filth and Squaller Clean-Ups

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning is the industry leader in Victoria when it comes to Gross Filth and Squaller Cleanups and Hoarder Cleaning, providing a complete biohazard and forensic cleaning service to ensure the property is left in a clean and bio-hazard free state.

Gross Filth and Squaller Clean-Ups | Melbourne Forensic Cleaning

While every Gross Filth and Squaller Clean Up situation is different, each requires heavy duty cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning are the Gross filth cleaning experts, and have the ability to restore homes, apartments and commercial properties to a safe, clean and habitable condition – utilising safe handling and disposal procedures at all times.

Providing a prompt, discreet and professional Gross Filth and Squaller Clean-Ups across Melbourne and Victoria.

Often landlords are none the wiser to the state of their property until tenants vacate, or are evicted from their property. Often, these disgruntled tenants can leave the property in an uninhabitable condition, containing large amounts of damage and wastes including rotting food, human waste, drug paraphernalia and bad odours. These situations mean that not only can the property not be leased or sold, but rarely can it be entered without protective equipment due to the potential presence of biological hazards, dead rodents, animal faeces and other hazardous waste. After removal of the waste, the property is subjected to a thorough process of cleaning and complete surface sanitisation to allow owners to sell or re-lease the property as quickly as possible.

Our professional Gross Filth and Squaller Clean-Up technicians understand that hoarding is not just about collecting things, rather the hoarder will have mental health issues which impedes their ability in being able to return their house to a healthy and safe environment. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning has a team of trained and professional gross filth remediation experts are trained and equipped to deal with any Squaller Clean Up or Compulsive Hoarding situation. Our Hoarding cleans includes the clean-up, removal and disposal of rubbish and gross filth, odour removal, disposing of effected furniture and effects, tiles and carpets and removal of all human and animal waste and body fluids.

Melbourne Forensic Cleaners is the industry leader when it comes to any Gross Filth Clean Up, Squaller Cleaning or Hoarders Cleans in Melbourne and across Victoria.

Melbourne Forensic Cleaning has a team of highly trained and experienced biohazard technicnas who have a wealth of combined experienced when dealing with a Gross Filth Clean, Hoarder Clean or Squaller Clean. OUr experts appreciate that there is much misunderstanding and stigma associated with the compulsive hoarding condition and what it entails. It is critical to remember that hoarders are very sensitive about their lifestyle and there are many factors that play a role in this. Whether its shame, denial or resistance to changes, they will often be determined to keep their lifestyle and will rebel against any changes brought by external factors. Our technicians provide prompt and reliable Gross Filth and Squaller Clean-Ups services across Victoria and include not only Melbourne but also Geelong, Torquay, Warrnambool, Ballarat, Shepparton, Wodonga, Warragul, Traralgon, Sale and Bendigo.

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