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However, cleaning a site that contains potential biohazards is better left to professionals with specialised crime scene cleanup supplies, training, and know-how

When someone falls victim to a violent crime, suicide, or traumatic accident, their family is often tasked with cleaning up the scene utilising household cleaning supplies and tools such as a mop and bucket, household bleach and chux wipes. However, cleaning a site that contains potential biohazards is better left to professionals with specialised forensic cleaning supplies, training, and know-how.


The Right Supplies for Crime Scene Cleanup

As more information becomes available about the dangers of handling blood and other potentially infectious material, it is not recommended that crime scene cleanup be left to untrained individuals. The blood and body fluids found at a crime scene can carry blood borne pathogens including HIV, hepatitis B and C. This means that if proper supplies and procedures are not used during crime scene cleanup, the individuals tasked with the cleanup could be at risk for these infections.

To ensure that all potential biohazards found at a forensic scene are properly remediated, and to reduce the risk of spreading infection, it is suggested that families and property owners hire a professional crime scene cleanup company to disinfect the site. When selecting the company, you should also ensure that they are using chemicals with a kill agent specific to the disease or infection, because there is no such thing as a universal disinfectant.

Some supplies that forensic scene cleanup companies such as Melbourne Forensic Cleaning use include:

  • PPE including gloves, biohazard suits, respiratory masks, and shoe coverings
  • Biohazard disposal containers
  • Proprietary cleaning agents and commercially available solvents
  • Plastic sheeting and bio-tape
  • Specialised industry leading equipment and machinery including high-pressure hot water extraction machines, foggers and ozone generators
  • Medical and bio-waste bins

Call a Professional for Crime Scene Cleanup

At Melbourne Forensic Cleaning, we handle the cleanup of traumatic situations on a daily basis and understand that our customers need more than just supplies and a cleaning regimen during this trying time. Melbourne Forensic Cleaning is Victorias leading forensic cleaning and bioremediation company that has been an industry leader since its inception. Not only do we utilise the supplies mentioned above for crime scene cleanup, we also follow a strict set of protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and those we serve.

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